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i actually cannot believe that this blog had hit 6000 followers, i did a little dance when i knew bc i was so happy! so i figured, why not make a follow forever! i’ve met some absolutely lovely people on this blog, and everyone had been kind and wonderful and i just really love all of you!

you guys are my absolute favorites since the day i make this blog and my blog would be nothing without you guys so i’d like to thank you fab people. this is just a mini follow forever if i’ve missed anyone i am so sorry! 

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and of course, a BIG thank you to everyone who follows me, you guys are so great in putting up with me and my annoying tendencies i love you all 

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The Rates are Sailing... wait what


Sooooo my Calum fic just recently reached 1k reads and I know that may not be that much but that’s really big for me and I’m so excited soooo I’M GONNA DO RATES AND STUFF :)


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So since I’ve hit over 500 followers and since its almost the end of summer I figured why no make one of these!? 

The people bolded are people you’ve got to follow if you don’t already. They are truly my favourite blogs, however I enjoy all of you that pop up on my dash. 😁

If I forgot anyone, I’m sorry! Try not to hate me please!

Mutuals I love you! The networks I’m apart of, I love you guys too! So here we go!


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Love you guys!! xx Em😊

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5 Seconds Of Summer | She Looks So Perfect

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia..


Is this real life?